IV Medical Faculty Today

Nowadays the faculty is one of the leading faculties of medical health care in Ukraine in training specialists in laboratory diagnostics, rehabilitation medicine and public health. Training of future medical workers is performed on an innovative basis with the involvement of the most qualified specialists in medicine by students mastering the humanities, socio-economic, natural sciences and professionally oriented medical disciplines under the guidance of experienced teachers – professors, associate professors, DScs and PhDs. Teaching is conducted in accordance with modern requirements of higher education.

Clinical and diagnostic laboratories of medical research institutes and leading laboratories of the city are used for professional practical training of bachelors and masters in the specialty “Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment”.

Future specialists in the specialties “Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy” and “Public Health” have the opportunity to undergo a cycle of training at specialized bases in Kharkiv and the region.

Educational and pedagogical staff of the faculty and students profess the principles of academic integrity, have a responsible civic position, take an active part in programs of academic mobility, research, social activities, sports and cultural life of the faculty and university.