All-Ukrainian competition of educational videos


Dear students!

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine informs about the holding All-Ukrainian competition of educational videos among applicants for higher education “Young education changers”, carried out by LLC “КЛАСІ”, a platform with knowledge exchange.

The competition provides the creation of higher education seekers useful educational content in the form of video for up to three minutes on the topics of the program training in any specialty. The purpose of the competition is to develop creative skills of higher education seekers, increasing their involvement in learning, and also digitalization of approaches to the educational process.

To participate in the contest, you need to upload a video to the Clasee application until February 25, 2022 inclusive, where the winners will be determined by number video views and ratings. Authors of the best video in Ukrainian and in English will receive an award in the amount of 30 000 UAH in accordance.

In addition, the partners and sponsors of the competition will choose the best works of their own nominations:

1) Pop STEM – the best video about STEM education, as well as about each of areas of STEM to promote them (for example, the connection of mathematics and natural sciences, or physics and computer science). Prize – internship in the bigtechnology company and prizes from sponsors.

2) Unusual economy – the best video in the field of economic sciences on a cross-disciplinary approach to clarifying economic issues. Prize – internship in an international company and prizes from sponsors.

3) Creative communication – nomination for branding, video and graphic design and advertising. Prize – internship in a large company and prizes from sponsors.

4) Sports for all – the best social video on youth involvement to different sports, equal opportunities for sports and a healthy lifestyle life for everyone. Prize – internship at the International Charitable Foundation Parimatch Foundation, whose main goal is to involve children in sports without restrictions.

Contact details for further clarification: +380504725042,