A conference was held for the 300th anniversary of H.S.


On December 2, 2022, representatives of the Department of Philosophy took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference on the topic “Philosophy of Hryhoriy Skovoroda and We Ukrainians”. This forum was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the great Ukrainian thinker Hryhoriy Savich Skovoroda (1722-1794).

In addition to Ukrainian scientists, representatives of the scientific community of various countries of the world (in particular, Germany, Poland, Austria, the People’s Republic of China and others) took part in the event. The conference was held in a mixed format.

President of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Vasyl Kremen, director of the Hryhoriy Skovoroda Institute of Philosophy of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anatoly Yermolenko, head of the department of philosophy of Kharkiv National Pedagogical University named after H.S. Skovoroda Maria Kultaeva and others addressed the participants of the conference with welcoming words and scientific reports.

Volodymyr Abashnik, a professor of the Department of Philosophy of the KhNMU, gave one of the plenary offline reports, which was devoted to the topic “German theologian Felix Haase (1882–1965) about Hrygoriy Skovoroda”. The head of the Department of Philosophy Kateryna Karpenko, Associate Professor Oleg Marushchenko, Senior Lecturer Volodymyr Deineka, Senior Lecturer Olga Fedorenko, Assistants Yaroslav Moskvin and Maria Fidrovska participated in the discussion. Based on the materials of this international forum, abstracts and articles are planned to be published.