The modern teaching methods in the practice


Modern methods of conducting practical classes with students are a matter of time and usually increase the interest of students in learning. Thus making the process of acquiring new knowledge more efficient and effective. It is a challenging task to increase the motivation of students of dental faculties to master the knowledge of internal medicine.

Based on this, at the Department of Internal and Occupational Diseases teachers Borys Shelest and Nataliia Sukhonos are actively implementing such techniques as training through the development of professional “clinical” scenarios using the case method and simulation game. In addition, during such classes, dentists’ attitude to such forms of training through an interactive online survey is clarified.

And students perceived such innovations very positively that is extremely important, which in turn changes for the better teacher-student communication. The department intends to introduce new teaching methods more widely that will lead to more active stakeholders’ participation in the educational process, to a more dynamic acquisition of competencies, and will help to achieve significant positive changes in academic performance.