Scientific work in wartime


On the eve of the New Year 2023 (from December 21 to 28, 2022), the XIII student of scientific conference “Chemistry. Ecology. Medicine” in remote mode using Google meet. English-speaking students of the 1st year and native undergraduate students IV medical faculty took part in the conference. Three sections worked as part of the conference.

The first section “Chemistry of the wartime” – reports were presented on current topics, namely “Phosphorus, Poisoning by phosphorus and organic phosphorus compounds, Phosphorus bombs” (V.A. Nortenko); “Chlorine, Chlorine poisoning, First aid for chlorine poisoning” (Kornienko K.R.); “Radioactive radiation, the effect of radioactive strontium on the human body” (Rysovana T. I.); “Iodine prevention of radioactive poisoning” Lisovol T.V.); “Combat poison gases (sarin, zoman). The history of the creation of a gas mask” (Lozhkina, T.Ya.).

The second section of reports was devoted to the influence of amino acids on the human body, their chemical and biological aspects – foreign students of the VI and VII medical faculties of the spring intake prepared high-quality presentations and charmed everyone with their oratorical skills and the ability to present the material. Particularly interesting were the reports on “Histidine” – Thomas Axa Bright, “Asparagine” – Narsing Swetha Sridarsini (VI medical facultу), “Tyrosine” – Jadown Rishita (VIІ medical facultу), “Methionine” – Sadanand Dikshika (6-22-267), “Histidine” – Muskan Kauser, “Glycine” – Khan Shoaib, “Methionine” – Hashim Munam Ali (VI medical facultу), “Leucine” – Duddanahalli Anand Murthy Varshita, “Lysine” – Ravindranath Tagore Hari Prasad (VIІ medical facultу).

As part of the work of the third section, English-speaking students of the 6th Faculty of Medicine of the spring intake prepared multimedia presentations about vitamins, talked about their chemical structure, the effect on the human body, etc. Students Moiz Abdul (Vitamin E), Hassan Muhammad (Vitamin D), Khan Sanan Ahmad (Vitamin B6) took an especially active part in the discussion.

Thus, regardless of the difficult conditions of wartime, the collective of both foreign and native students of the Kharkiv National Medical University, as well as teachers, is united, represents a single entity, each in his place does everything possible to live, teach and learn, work fully and it is interesting to bring OUR VICTORY closer.