A student conference was held


On December 17–19, the Department of Biological Chemistry of KhNMU held a remote abstract student conference “Molecular mechanisms of the development of pathological conditions and diseases.”

27 second-year students of 1-3 medical faculties took part in the conference. Sixteen reports were presented, which discussed topical theoretical issues related to hypomicroelements diseases, the peculiarities of the endocrine status in chronic and acute stress and the impact of stress on vitamin D content, the mechanism of obesity development, stroke and immunoresistance, the impact of nutritional supplements on human health, and others.

Students took an active part in the discussion of reports. The speakers received many questions and gave detailed answers. The best (in the opinion of the teachers and students who took part in the evaluation of the reports) were the reports of students Y. Tsinkevich, Y. Gromko, V. Povalyaev, A. Tymchenko, A. Murashkina, K. Prosol, A. Stelmakh. According to the students, the conference was very interesting and informative for them.