VII Faculty for International Students
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About us

VII Faculty of Foreign Students Training of the Educational and Scientific Institute for Training of Foreign Citizens trains students in the specialty “Medicine” (educational qualification level “Master”) in English.

 The faculty has created all the conditions for fruitful study of English-speaking students, as well as accommodation and recreation opportunities for students living in dormitories. Faculty members strive to ensure that each graduate fully acquires professional skills and masters the latest methods of disease diagnosis and treatment of patients. Students take part in fellowships and participate in amateur art groups. A lot of attention is given to the physical culture and health development of students, which is facilitated by the physical culture and health complex, modern gyms, “Youth Center” and more.

Graduates of the faculty receive a diploma of an international doctor in the specialty “Medicine”, after which they can work not only in their homeland, but also in other countries.

  • Training in Medicine
  • Language of instruction – English.
  • Educational qualification level – master, qualification – doctor.
  • Form of study – full-time, duration of study – 6 years.

The faculty consists of 8 departments, namely: hygiene and ecology № 2; surgery № 4; clinical anatomy and operative surgery; emergency medicine, anesthesiology and intensive care; microbiology, virology and immunology named after professor DP Grinev; psychiatry, narcology, medical psychology and social work; forensic medicine, medical law named after honored professor MS Bocarius; traumatology and orthopedics.

Nauki Ave, 4, Educational and laboratory building, 1st floor, Kharkiv, 61022
Vasylieva Oksana Vasylivna
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
+38 057 707 73 76
Deputy Deans
Haponova Elina Alexandrovna
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professorгії
Korobchanskyi Pavlo Alexandrovich
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
Mozghova Julia Anatoliyivna
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor
Borodai Inna Stanislavivna
Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant
Poluektova Halyna Ivanivna
Leading specialist of the dean's office
History of the faculty

KhNMU has been training staff for foreign countries since 1951, and since 1996 – in English. During this time, KhNMU has trained about 10,000 doctors from 120 countries. The study of foreign students in groups with English language teaching at KhNMU began in 1996 with a degree in Medical Affairs, and since 2008 with a degree in Dentistry. The number of Russian-speaking foreign citizens steadily increased. On September 1, 2010, the VI Faculty for the Training of Foreign Students with English Language Training was formed. The number of English-speaking students at KhNMU has been growing every year, so on September 1, 2017 the VII Faculty of Foreign Students Training was established by reorganizing the VI Faculty in accordance with the order of the Rector of KhNMU № 255 of 31.07.2017 on the establishment of the Educational and Scientific Institute training of foreign citizens in order to improve the management of the contingent of foreign students, conducting innovative educational activities, research and infrastructure development of various departments.

Faculty today

Currently, more than 2,000 foreign students from 52 countries study at the faculty. The faculty has a modern educational and methodical base. All students are provided with the necessary educational literature, classes are held on the basis of modern medical institutions of the city of Kharkiv, Educational and Scientific Medical Complex “University Clinic”.  Students are engaged in science in the Student Scientific Society, participate in international scientific conferences, and have the opportunity to complete internships in the academic mobility program. They use the Scientific Library, which has more than 1 million copies of educational and scientific literature in English, and also have access to information resources AccessMedicine from McGrawHill. Medical care for students is provided by the University Clinic of KhNMU and the city student polyclinic. Students have all the necessary conditions not only for study but also for recreation: amateur art festivals, competitions, exhibitions, and sports competitions. Graduates of the faculty work not only in their homeland, but also in countries around the world, saving lives and glorifying their alma mater.

Scientific work

The VII faculty for the training of foreign students has 87 employees;  63 teachers have an advanced degree, including 13 doctors and 50 candidates of medical sciences. Among the teaching staff of the faculty are: 10 professors, 31 associate professors.
The staff of the departments of the faculty perform a significant amount of research focused on the implementation of priority areas of basic and clinical medicine. Complex scientific developments were further developed, and opportunities for training of scientific and pedagogical staff in master’s and postgraduate studies were fully used. In 2020-21, the inventive work of the faculty allowed 140 theses to be written in the materials of scientific forums, 78 articles in the central press, 55 – in the proceedings of scientific conferences, and15 articles – on teaching methods and pedagogical experience. The most significant contribution was made by the teams of the departments of emergency, intensive care and anesthesiology, microbiology, virology and immunology (in honor of prof. DP Grinyov), clinical anatomy and operative surgery, forensic medicine, medical law (in honor of prof. M.S. Bocarius). The publication of 8 monographs and 5 information letters also contributed to the introduction of scientific developments.
There are student research groups at all departments of the faculty; the number of students who take part in the implementation of research is 84, including 15 foreign students. Students made 54 presentations at various student scientific conferences. In 2020-21, 25 articles written by students were published by the faculty staff. 36 abstracts were also published.
The most significant contribution to the scientific activity of the VII faculty for the training of foreign students was made by the teams of the following departments: emergencies, intensive care and anesthesiology; microbiology, virology and immunology. (prof. DP Grinyov); psychiatry, narcology, medical psychology and social work.

Therapeutic work

From 2021/2022 the academic year among 8 departments of VII faculty is 50% clinical, divided among 4 places. They are located on the basis of treatment and prevention facilities of the city of Kharkiv, namely: the department of traumatology and orthopedics, emergency intensive care and anesthesiology – on the basis of the Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise “City Clinical Hospital of Ambulance and Emergency Care. (prof. OI Meshchaninova) of the Kharkiv City Council; department of surgery №4 – on the basis of KNP “MKBL №17” Kharkiv City Council and the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Northern region; department of psychiatry, narcology, medical psychology and social work – on the basis of the Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital № 3 “(main base of the department) and KNP CHO” Regional Clinical Narcological Hospital “(additional base of the department).
The bed fund of medical and preventive institutions, which are the bases of the departments of the faculty, amounted to 1295 beds. Employees of clinical departments conduct extensive consulting work, surgical interventions, and modern instrumental and laboratory research. During the past 2020-21 academic year, employees of the departments in hospitals treated 1985 patients, and consulted with 5249 patients. During the school year, the staff performed 2722 diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations. For practical health care, the staff of the departments gave 6 reports at regional conferences. Employees of all clinical departments take part in the work of regional associations in the specialty.
Thanks to the joint work of clinical departments with health authorities, the use of scientific potential of medical staff in the medical staff, all measures are taken to reduce mortality and disabling conditions, improve treatment outcomes, and prevent diseases among the population of Kharkiv region.

International activities

International activities at the VII Faculty of Foreign Students are conducted in accordance with the approved program of the University “Strategy for Internationalization of Kharkiv National Medical University for 2019-2025”.
Dean of the Faculty OV Vasylieva is a full member of the American and British Societies of Physiologists, attends global and international partner forums, and publishes the results of her own research in foreign publications and publications indexed in SCOPUS databases, Google Scholar.
Employees of the departments of the faculty are full members of international organizations, including employees of the departments of emergency and anesthesiology – 8, traumatology and orthopedics – 2, clinical anatomy and operative surgery – 2, microbiology, virology and immunology (prof. D.P. Grinyov) – 2. During the last three years, research and teaching staff of the VII Faculty participated in 76 various international scientific forums. The department of hygiene and ecology №2 has a cooperation agreement with the department of occupational medicine of the medical faculty of the Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg (Germany), the department of clinical anatomy and operative surgery – an agreement with the Institute of Multiphase Processes of the Wilhelm Leibniz University.
Since 2019, the Dean’s Office of the VII Faculty has joined the program of academic mobility of foreign students. Within this institution, a group of students from the University of Medical Sciences of North Khorasan (Iran) studied on-site with 6th-year students of the VII Faculty in cycles in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery, and therapy. In their free time, Iranian students got acquainted with the cultural traditions of Ukraine and visited the sights of Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.

Educational programs