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The department of Social Sciences was created in 1938 as the Department of the Marxism-Leninism. After the series of reorganizations it got the name “The Department of Social Sciences of the Kharkiv National Medical University”. Since 2011 the head of the department is professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ihor Robak. The Department carries out the educational, scientific, and methodical work. The integral part of the Department is the Prof. V.D. Otamanovsky – Center for Medical Local Study of KhNMU. Director of the Center – Сandidate of Historical Sciences Hanna Demochko.
The students of different years of all faculties study at the Department of Social Sciences. They learn basic and elective courses: “History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture”, “Culturology”, “Political Science”, “Management and leadership in nursing” etc. Teaching is carried out in Ukrainian and foreign languages.
Scientific direction of the department’s activity is presented by the research of the theme “Medical Local Study of the Kharkiv Region in the Context of the Everyday History”. The theme is interdisciplinary and assumes the close ties with the history of medicine, local studies. The research is carried out in cooperation with the Prof. V.D. Otamanovsky Center for Medical Local Study of KhNMU and with involvement of the Center’s partners – organizations of the different Ministries, foreign institutions. The monographs, articles, abstracts are published on the basis of the results of the research work.
The active educational activity aimed at forming the personality of physician patriot, active citizen of the Ukrainian society. In addition to studying the students are involved to diverse civic projects, attend exhibitions, trainings, participate in the necropolis research and creative contests.

Nauky Avenue, 4, main building, third floor, right side, Kharkiv
Head of Department
Robak Ihor Yuriyovych
Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor
+38 057 707 73 37 iy.robak@knmu.edu.ua
Відповідальні особи
Alkov Volodymyr Andriyovych
Responsible for the teaching work, docent, candidate of historical sciences
Email: va.alkov@knmu.edu.ua
Demochko Hanna Leonidivna
Responsible for the scientific work, docent, candidate of historical sciences
Chernukha Oleksandr Vasyliovych
Responsible for the student’s scientific group, docent, candidate of historical sciences
Колектив кафедри
Ilin Vadym
docent, candidate of historical sciences
Trotsenko Olexiy Volodymyrovych
teacher of higher education
Golceva Alla Petrivna
teacher of higher education
History of the department

The unit was established in 1938 and was called the Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism Department. One of the first heads was I.D. Popov, who managed the department for 20 years. In the second half of the 1950s, the department experienced a number of reorganizations. It was headed by Associate Prof. S.V. Bosyi, O. P. Vlasov, O.S. Tsarytsenko. At the end of 1970, the department was renamed and received the name “Department of CPSU History, Political Economy and Scientific Communism”, and in 1974 became the Department of CPSU History and Political Economy. During 1970–1981, the department was headed by Associate Professor M. P. Fomichova, in 1981–1984 – by Associate Professor R.H. Rudenko, in 1984–2002 – by Associate Professor V. I. Kravchenko. In 2002–2009, Associate Professor, and later Professor T.M. Kaminska headed the department. In December 2006, for the first time in the history of the department, she took a doctorate with the thesis “Market of Medical Services: the Formation and Regularities of Development”. In January 2009, Associate Professor V. I. Kravchenko became the Head of the Department again. Since 2011, Doctor of Sciences in History (D.Sc), Prof. I. Yu. Robak has been managing the unit.

Department today

The majority of teachers of the highest qualification prepared theses and took their doctorate, working at the department. An unconditional achievement of the department in the recent years is the preparation and defense of the doctoral thesis of I. Yu. Robak, candidate degree theses of H.L. Demochko and V.H. Ilin, which was an integral part of complex research projects “Historical, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Health Care Development” and “Medical Local Study of Kharkiv in Personalities”, which involved all teachers of the department. According to the results of scientific research by I.Yu. Robak and H.L. Demochko, the monograph “Health Care in the First Capital of Soviet Ukraine (1919–1934)” was published in 2012. It became a logic continuation of I.Yu. Robak’s monograph “Health Care in Kharkiv during the Imperial Era (Early 18th Century –1916)”. In 2018, the last part of the trilogy was published – “Kharkiv Health Care in the Postwar Soviet Period (1945–1991)” by I. Yu. Robak and V.H. Ilin. In 2013, a monograph by I.Yu. Robak (co-authored) “Valentine Otamanovsky – the Revolutionary, Scientist, and Organizer of Science” supplemented scientific achievements of the department, and in 2017 the author group consisted of I.Yu. Robak, H. L. Demochko and V.H. Ilin published another monograph “Alexander’s Hospital – the First City Clinical Institution: 150 Years of History”. Problems of medical local study in various aspects are the main topics for students’ research. In 2019, the cathedral team received the Prize of the Kharkiv City Council in the field of health care for scientific achievements.
In 2015, the Center for Medical Local Study was established on the basis of the department. Associate Prof. Hanna Demochko became the director, and Prof. I. Yu. Robak took the position of a scientific consultant. The center coordinates research in the field of History of Medicine and Health Care of the native land, promotes and disseminates knowledge of Kharkiv medical local study among students, cultivates a sense of pride and patriotism for the native land.

Educational process

The department trains students in educational and professional programs “General Medicine”, “Dentistry”, “Pediatrics”, “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”, “Laboratory Diagnostics”, “Nursing”, “Social Work”, “Public Management and Administration”; and the educational components are studied:

  • “History and Culture of Ukraine”;
  • “History of Modern World”;
  • “Political Science”;
  • “Cultural Studies”;
  • “Medicine and Artistic Culture”;
  • “Medical Subculture”;
  • “Ethnography”;
  • “Local Medical History”
  • “Medicine and Politics”;
  • “History of Health Care in Kharkiv”;
  • “Medical Kharkiv in Personalities”;
  • “Essentials of Economic Theories”;
  • “History of Ukraine”;
  • “Management and Leadership in Nursing”;
  • “Specifics of Administrating by the Specialty”;
  • “Audit and Evaluation of Management Activities”;
  • “History of Social Work”;
  • “Social Policy”.

Modern methods of teaching are widely used in training students, in particular, the department has adapted educational courses to distance and mixed study, placed them into the MOODLE system and actively uses distance-learning capabilities of MOODLE, Google Meet, and MS Teams platforms.

The department offers elective disciplines:

  • “History of Modern World”;
  • “Political Science”;
  • “Cultural Studies”;
  • “Medicine and Artistic Culture”;
  • “Medical Subculture”;
  • “Ethnography”;
  • “Local Medical History”
  • “Medicine and Politics”;
  • “History of Health Care in Kharkiv”;
  • “Medical Kharkiv in Personalities”;
  • “Essentials of Economic Theories”;
  • “Audit and Evaluation of Management Activities”.

The department has created more than a dozen textbooks, training manuals, guidelines for both students and teachers. Every year a large part of the methodological material is being updated, there is a continuous work on improving disciplines’ programs and syllabi, updating textbooks and teaching aids. Today, the unit had had created not only all the necessary materials for education of domestic students, but also materials for foreign ones.

Scientific work

Every year the staff of the department participates in scientific conferences of different levels, publishes scientific articles in professional periodicals, collections of scientific papers, and ones of scientific reports’ abstracts. The department successfully completed the state-registered research projects “Historical, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Health Care Development” (state registration number 0114U003392), “Medical Local Study of Kharkiv in Personalities” (0118U000933), currently developing the topic “Medical Local Study of the Kharkiv Region in the Context of the Everyday Life History” (0120U102026). For many years in a row, the departmental team was ranked first in the scientific ranking of KhNMU among socio-economic and humanitarian departments. For a long time, the department headed the overall ranking of departmental teams in the social and humanitarian bloc, for which it received awards. Today the teachers of the department actively participate in international conferences, publish the results of scientific research in journals that are part of the scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science.

International activity

The Department of Social Sciences actively cooperates with various scientific institutions outside Ukraine. In 2020, Associate Prof. V.H. Ilin received a grant and participated in a joint international project with the Friedrich-Alexander University of the cities of Erlangen and Nuremberg (Germany), devoted to study of urban history, where he presented the report “Cities in the USSR and the Eastern Bloc: Urbanization, Ecology, and Municipal Economy (1917–1991)”. The department also has a cooperation agreement with Jan Długosz University in Czestochowa (Republic of Poland). Joint research is being carried out together with the Polish side. Head of the Department, Prof. I.Yu. Robak is a member of the Balkan Historical Association and of the editorial board of Polish Academy of Sciences’ journal “Medycyna Nowożytna”. In 2018–2021, members of the department took part in the international project “CityFace”.

Student scientific society

Head of the Student Science Club: Chernukha Oleksandr Vasyliovych, Associate Professor, Candidate of Sciences in History (Ph.D).

Student Scientific Society members are students of all the years and specialties.

Format: Club meetings are held once a month, either at the Department or online in Zoom format, depending on the epidemic situation in the region.

At the meeting of the club, the Head acquaints students with the dates of birth or death of famous people or significant historical events of different times that took place after the previous meeting. Students prepare mini-presentations and speeches. Then, speeches are discussed. Afterwards, the Head of the Club in collaboration with students prepares the best abstracts for publication in scientific issues, both Ukrainian and foreign. As a part of Club work, not only scientific but also creative competitions are held, in particular, traditional contests.

Normative documents of the educational process
Educational materials